ASINspector Pro Review: Is It Better Than Jungle Scout?

Finding the most profitable product to sell on Amazon, Shopify or eBay is one of the first steps every seller needs to take. A couple of most demanded tools when it comes to product research are Jungle Scout and ASINspector.

In this article, you will find a thorough ASINspector review to know what this tool has to offer.

What is ASINspector?

ASINspector is a product research tool for e-commerce sellers. You can use the tool for potential product ideas and gather data on whether or not a product is profitable.

The tool grabs information from your Amazon search results and puts into one table all important data about products. The data includes selling price, current best sellers rank (BSR), seller’s information (FBA, FBM or AMZ).

  • helps with product sourcing (has a supplier database)
  • gathers product trends data (track trends and find demanded products)
  • provides product ideas (high-potential and low-competition)

It is a Google Chrome extension, therefore works on all Windows, Unix as well as Mac computers. Shortly, it works everywhere where Chrome can be installed.

Also, ASINspector is available as a mobile app as well. One of the ASINspector’s features are designed specifically for those who are using the mobile app is a barcode scanner. It lets you check out a specific product just by scanning its barcode.

Which plan to choose?

Since ASINspector is a Chrome extension, first of all, you need to have a Google Chrome browser installed on your computer. After a successful installation, you can now use ASINspector when the window displays on the browser window.

The tool offers 2 subscription plans – Standard and PRO. The difference between the two is obvious – the standard plan is suitable for beginner sellers while the PRO offer more advanced features for those who want to take the full advantage of the tool.

Their Standard plan ($97 one-time payment) includes the sales estimator. By upgrading to the PRO+ plan ($187 one-time payment), you’ll be able to use all those extra features to save you time in the long-run.

By the way, you can now get ASINspector Pro for $187 by clicking here

Here’s an overview of both Standard and PRO plans:

  • Standard plan offers basic yet useful features for beginner sellers. One of the features that really stands out is the ability to search for products in stores, such as Walmart, Target, etc. and get different prices. You can also explore multiple Amazon search pages at once, easily export data to Excel, open frequently bought together products, and follow keyword trends.
  • Professional plan enables you to identify profitable products by driving keyword searches, view all variations of a product listing, do reverse research, track review, and ratings, spy on the competition, get data for daily and monthly sales estimates. Overall, the professional plan is obviously more useful for advanced sellers who want to deep-dive into their Amazon sales data.
ASINspector review

Considering the price for all these features, ASINspector is a very good choice for low-budget sellers who are just starting out.

In conclusion, if you want to go with their standard plan and use only basic features, ASINspector will definitely cover your needs.

However, if you are not a fresh beginner and want to the best experience possible, we recommend going with a PRO plan.

Below you will find an overview of the PRO plan which is more popular yet more useful for most of the Amazon sellers.

ASINspector PRO features

Here we will quickly review some key features that the ASINspector PRO plan has to offer.

Accurate revenue estimator – provides information about estimated sales volume so you see which product sells better.

Keyword analyzer – using data from Google Trends, the tool finds the best-ranking keywords on Amazon. You can instantly create lists of keywords for any product.

Reverse search – collects data from Walmart and eBay to gather information about a product you are interested in. Compare pricing and see what profit you can make by selling on or another product.

ASIN import – uploading and reviewing ASINs is very time-consuming. By using the tool, you can upload all your ASINs at once and let ASINspector do its job.

Best-seller rankings – find the best-selling products every month so you can choose from the ones that are actually potential selling.

  • Data on sales trends, price history, and sales rank over time.
  • Tells where to source the most competitive products from.
  • Suggestions on different product ideas to source from Aliexpress for testing (both arbitration and private label).
  • Prevents you from sourcing products that do not sell.
  • Tracks data on your competitors – where they rank on Amazon, how many units they’re selling as well as how much revenue they generate.
  • Calculates the currency of the platform you are searching for your products without any adjustments.
  • Google Trends data determines what products take place on the market at a particular moment so you can adjust the pricing accordingly

Mobile scan – if you want to find details of a specific product, you can simply scan its barcode when using ASINspector mobile app.

Keyword analyzer – find the best-converting keywords for your product.

Niche finder – find out what niche is better to focus on. The tool provides you with data about what niche is the best fit for you. Also, it gives the necessary requirements of the specific niche.

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Product sourcing – research and compare products on Aliexpress, Alibaba and eBay to see which products are worth selling.

Bundle opportunities – provides you with data on which products are usually bought together.

Instant net payout – always stay up-to-date on how much money you need to source your products and what fees to pay so you make profit.

Listing variations – find out the child variations for Amazon products to see exactly where they are listed.

There are many other features that you can read about on the ASINspector’s website.

User interface

First of all, it’s very simple to start using the tool. Since it’s ASINspector comes as a Chrome extension, all you need to have is the Chrome browser.

When it comes to the user interface, it’s very simple and straightforward. Once the user clicks the extension icon while on the Amazon page, a new tab opens and you get the product information.

Also, ASINspector has a mobile version, so you can easily access it from your mobile device.  Just search for any product or keyword on Amazon and then click on the ASINspector extension to start your research.

Product Research

One of the main features for which people start using the tool is product research.

It’s quite easy to use the tool for this exact purpose. ASINspector has a few handy clickable icons in the “Actions” column. These are direct links of the same product search on different platforms: eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, etc.

The links are generated by taking the full name of a product.

Normally, Amazon product titles are full of different keywords. It might be more useful to search for Chinese manufacturers on using the main keywords of the products, instead of the full product title.

ASIN window

What is more, using ASINspector you are able to save your favorite searches. Searchers are important since you get product suggestions based on your saved products.

Even more, the data makes it faster to use the application and provides the user with reminders on some of the competing products.

ASINspector pricing

When it comes to pricing, ASINspector plans are pretty standard and both of the plans are quite cheap.

Their Standard plan which includes all basic features costs $97. In case you want to go with the PRO plan, it will cost $187.

And the best part is you only pay once. Both of the plans are worth considering based on your needs. However, we recommend going with the PRO plan so you’ll be able to use all those extra features to save you time in the long-run.

By the way, you can now get ASINspector Pro for $187 by clicking here

ASINspector vs Jungle Scout: Comparison

Both ASINspector and Jungle Scout are great in estimating the best seller rank, calculating the average rating, providing information on competitors’ product offering and estimating competitors’ revenue per month.

Unlike ASINspector, Jungle Scout offers a Chrome extension version and a web application version. It has slightly more useful features, including Niche Hunter, Product Tracker, and Product Database.

To understand better the differences between these tools, here is a side-by-side comparison between ASINspector and Jungle Scout main features and pricing:

  •    Software Format
  •    Sales Estimates
  •    Accuracy of Estimates
    Based on the feedback of software users
  •    Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  •    Number of Reviews
  •    Find Suppliers
  •    Average Star Rating
  •    Search Result Filters
  •    FBA Fee Display
  •    Automated Listing Builder
  •    Product Sellers Count
    Total number of sellers offering the same product on Amazon
  •    Product Size & Weight
  •    Export Results to CSV
    Export to Comma Separated File, which can be opened as e.g. Excel Spreadsheet
  •    Item Trends History
    Handy popup, which shows product keyword historical data taken from Google Trends
  •    Price and BSR History
    Handy popups for showing product Price and BSR historical change graph
  •    Favorite Searches
    Ability to store and save most favorite searched and access them easily later
  •    Import Bulk ASINs
    Import big list of ASINs for detailed analysis
  •    Email and Promotional Campaigns
    Import big list of ASINs for detailed analysis
  •    Related Products
    Possibility to search products related to the current opened item
  •    Product Promotions
    Promote your launch and boost sales with coupons and offers.
  •    Related Keywords
    Shows keywords related to current keywords from the search result
  •    Product Tracker
    Monitors selected product pricing, inventory, profit margins, etc.
  •    Sponsored ads data
    Monitors selected product pricing, inventory, profit margins, etc.
  • Products
    Possibility to scan website products and extract their data from Amazon
  •    Amazon FBA training
    Possibility to scan website products and extract their data from Amazon
  •    Alerts
    Notifications for buy box changes, pricing and hijacks.
  •    Mobile App

Is ASINspector Worth It: Pros and Cons

If you are wondering whether ASINspector is worth the investment and could provide you with better results than, for example, Jungle Scout, the short answer would be – it depends.

Sellers using product research tools once per month or less, are more likely to choose ASINspector vs Jungle Scout. While Jungle Scout is more convenient for frequent use (2 or more times a month), ASINspector is a better choice if you want to run the data once a month.

To make your mind easier, here’s a couple of reasons why and why not you might consider ASINspector as an option:

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