Jungle Scout Review: Product Research for Amazon FBA Sellers

Jungle Scout (JS) is a research tool that helps to find a winning Amazon product to sell. Ithelps to collect data about all the products from the Amazon product listings or Amazon search results. In this Jungle Scout review, you will learn

 Jungle Scout automatically grabs all the details about the products in the current and the following product listing pages. Extracted product data includes: selling rank, estimate sales volume, FBA fees, category, a quantity of sellers, and much more.

Once you encounter this tool, you immediately notice it offers Google Chrome browser extension as well as a web app. The extension works on all Windows, Unix, and Mac computers, everywhere where Chrome can be installed.

Jungle Scout logo

In this Jungle Scout review, you will find the main features of Jungle Scout web app and Google Chrome browser extension.

Recently, Jungle Scout announced new pricing plans that include the Chrome extension as one of the JS features so you don’t need to choose from the two.

This short guide will walk you through the main features, such as Jungle Scout FBA Fee calculator, rank table, search results filter, listing builder, and more.

Jungle Scout App and Chrome Extension Features

What’s it for?

Shortly, the difference between the two is quite self-explanatory. Jungle Scout app is a software that you use on desktop and Chrome extension is an add-on to your browser.

Jungle Scout software enables you to access the web app and helps to find Amazon products.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout Chrome Extension it’s an extension that you can add to your browser and have your products and keywords evaluated.

Jungle Scout Marketplaces

Fully functional in North America (US, Mexico, Canada), European regions (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), India. Lots of information extracted from other Amazon markets as well (Germany, France, Spain, Japan, etc).

Both of them have different purposes. The web app will help you to find niche products while Chrome extension just helps to evaluate it. When choosing one of the two, it really depends on your needs. If you want to find a certain niche product to sell on Amazon, you’ll need the web app. On the other hand, if you want to check your product ideas and keywords to search for, the extension is a way to go.

Talking about subscription fees, for both of the options you need to pay a monthly fee, starting at $39 (for the Basic plan). However, to save you some money, you can use this link that gives you up to 30% off the annual plans.

Jungle Scout web app features

The basic plan for Jungle Scout app will give the main information you need when researching for your product niche. The features that the tool offers cover all product research stages, from a product database to promotions and email campaigns. Here are some main features that the tool offers:

Product database – this is where your product search begins. The feature gives you access to a database with millions of products so you can explore products that match your criteria. You can filter products by categories, estimated sales, rank, and more.

Jungle scout product database

On top of all this, version enables the search results filter. It is undoubtedly a must when you target particular price-range, BSR-range or review-count products. Using the filter will display you ONLY those products which you need to consider. No disturbances in the view.

Let’s say you are interested in products with the best seller rank (BSR) below 2000 and the price range between $10-$40. This can be applied to the current Jungle Scout extracted product data.

Product tracker – after you found a potential product to sell, you can now check an approximate estimate how many items do sellers sell per month. This is a chance for you to get an in-depth data for the product you track. This will potentially show if the product niche is potential gold mine or is it better to move on to another one.

Jungle Scout product tracker

Estimated Monthly Revenue – some of the best selling product revenue estimations are impressive. Sometimes looking at these numbers spin your head for more ideas on particular product niche items, which might inspire you to work on ideas on how to improve products and to take your share from the market.

Opportunity finder – find out the score and a comprehensive overview of a certain keyword, such as average units sold, average price, search volume, seasonal trends to evaluate its performance.

Supplier database – within the tool, you can find reliable suppliers to source your products from.

Niche hunter – this feature is for more advanced Amazon product research since it allows to look for products using keywords and evaluates competitors’ listings. Once you get the hang of the feature, you can basically launch several products at once without any problem.

Jungle Scout niche finder

FBA fee calculator – you will immediately see what are the FBA fees charged by Amazon for each extracted product listing in the table.

Inventory manager – track your stock and know exactly when you need to make the next order.

Number of sellers – this will help you to see how big is the competition for particular product at the moment. This might help you decide if it is worth to go for Private Label option or simply skip the product and search for other less competitive opportunity.

Dimensions & weight – if the product you research can vary in size and weight, various dimension and weight data columns will give overall overview of, for example, what FBA fees can attract different sized product variations.

Oversize indicator – it shows you if your analysed product might attract oversize dimensionsSo you can quickly decide for another, e.g. less bulky, product variation.

Monthly item trends – when doing JS analysis on particular Amazon keyword, you will get an immediate link to view the historical Keyword Trend of the last months and years.

Number of Reviews – it is important parameter when researching for your product ideas. If there are thousands reviews for certain products, you might reconsider if it is worth to compete with existing sellers on that product. And JungleScout provides this data instantly on the plate.

Promotions – using coupons and special offers, you can promote your product launch and boost sales.

Average star Rating – If you spot a low rating product with high estimated sales – that might be a gold mine for you if you would decide to analyze the reviews and think how to improve a product and put it into the market.

Once you extract the data from the current Amazon product list, you do not need to follow the Amazon pagination links. Jungle Scout will do it for you when you simply click the “Extract Next Page” link at the bottom of JS application.

Jungle Scout Calculator

The biggest JS’s advantage over its competitors is that JS runs extensive Amazon data research in order to update the monthly sale estimates for all the Amazon product categories. Jungle Scout developers employ a separate researcher to make sure that the data provided in the application’s analysis table match the real Amazon’s data as close as possible.

We all know, that Amazon does not disclose the details of sales volume for any product, but it does have a “Best Seller Rank” (BSR) evaluation for each of them.

Extensive analysis and monitoring of BSR values can lead to almost correct sale estimations. This is what the JungleScout does on daily basis. On top of that, they even send you emails with monthly “Amazon Sales Rank Table”, which is invaluable information! Follow this link, to see an example of a “BSR Table”.

Automated Listing Builder

One of the newest Jungle Scout’s feature is the upgraded listing builder. By using it, you can easily move your listing data between your Seller Central account and Jungle Scout. Upload, test and optimize your listings and sync the updates into Seller Central directly.

This is how it looks like once you start using it:

AI-driven listing optimization score will show you how likely your listing is to rank and convert sales. This metric evaluates product title, description, key features, images, keywords and gives an instant feedback while you’re optimizing your listing.

The score is shown on the left side:

Chrome extension features

By using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, you are able to validate your product ideas at one glance. The opportunity score that the feature provides lets you know the current potential of a product. The window opens within one click and shows average metrics such as: 

  • Monthly sales
  • Sales rank
  • Price
  • Reviews
Jungle Scout Chrome extension

Apparently, you can use the Chrome extension while you are browsing on Amazon. It gives you access to 10 product database searchestracking for 3 products, 10 niche hunter searches. Although it’s way more simple, Chrome extension can be a very smart add-on to the full Jungle Scout package.

Chrome extension opens on top of the current Amazon page. If the browser tab is closed – all the Jungle Scout results are also closed. So, if the results are important, make sure you export them to CSV file before closing the tab or window (you can do it by clicking the “Export CSV” link at the bottom of JS window).

JungleScout window with analysis results overlays on top of your Amazon page. It cannot be resized, but you can drag it to the sides. If your computer screen is relatively small, you can always open a duplicate tab with your Amazon page. JungleScout window can also be closed by clicking on the Red cross at the top-right corner, or by clicking the JungleScout Chrome extension’s icon at the top browser toolbar. This would toggle the show/hide of the JS result table window.

Jungle Scout App or Extension? Now you get both!

Apparently, both the Jungle Scout web app and a Chrome Extension offer a bunch of useful features. But the question is – when to use one or another?

From now on Jungle Scout offers upgraded plans that all include the Chrome extension. Alongside with new pricing, these new subscription plans offer some new features as well.

Jungle Scout Subscription Plans

There are 3 plans to choose from: Basic, Suite and Pro.

  • Basic plan is the best choice for beginner sellers. It includes limited searches for Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Product Database, Keyword Scout, Supplier Database, and other basic features. However, the plan excludes advanced seller features, such as Listing Builder, Alerts, Sales Analytics, etc.
  • Suite plan includes all basic features mentioned above, plus the ability to add more users and advanced features, such as Historical Keyword Data, Listing Builder, Promotions, Request Reviews, Inventory Manager, and so on.
  • Professional plan is more for advanced sellers and teams because it includes 6 users and all possible JS features, plus exclusive onboarding training.

So as you see, the key difference between those is that the Basic plan will give you limited features, suitable for beginner sellers, while Suite and Pro will provide full access to all features, plus additional seats for teams so you can use the tool together.


When it comes to pricing, a full package that includes the web app and the Chrome extension starts from only $39/month (paying monthly).

For Suite and Pro plans, you can add more users to your account – it costs $49/month per user. All other features are included in the price.

If you choose to pay for an annual subscription, you save a bunch of money. By the way, in case you choose to subscribe for a year, use this link to get up to 30% off.

Jungle Scout offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can get it all on their website by following this link.

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector: Comparison

If you are looking at Jungle Scout, you might have came across another high-demanded tool – ASINspector. Both Jungle Scout and ASINspector are the most popular tools available on the market right now. Here’s a brief comparison between these tools:

  •    Software Format
  •    Sales Estimates
  •    Accuracy of Estimates
    Based on the feedback of software users
  •    Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  •    Number of Reviews
  •    Find Suppliers
  •    Average Star Rating
  •    Search Result Filters
  •    FBA Fee Display
  •    Automated Listing Builder
  •    Product Sellers Count
    Total number of sellers offering the same product on Amazon
  •    Product Size & Weight
  •    Export Results to CSV
    Export to Comma Separated File, which can be opened as e.g. Excel Spreadsheet
  •    Item Trends History
    Handy popup, which shows product keyword historical data taken from Google Trends
  •    Price and BSR History
    Handy popups for showing product Price and BSR historical change graph
  •    Favorite Searches
    Ability to store and save most favorite searched and access them easily later
  •    Import Bulk ASINs
    Import big list of ASINs for detailed analysis
  •    Email and Promotional Campaigns
    Import big list of ASINs for detailed analysis
  •    Related Products
    Possibility to search products related to the current opened item
  •    Product Promotions
    Promote your launch and boost sales with coupons and offers.
  •    Related Keywords
    Shows keywords related to current keywords from the search result
  •    Product Tracker
    Monitors selected product pricing, inventory, profit margins, etc.
  •    Sponsored ads data
    Monitors selected product pricing, inventory, profit margins, etc.
  •    Walmart.com Products
    Possibility to scan Wallmart.com website products and extract their data from Amazon
  •    Amazon FBA training
    Possibility to scan Wallmart.com website products and extract their data from Amazon
  •    Alerts
    Notifications for buy box changes, pricing and hijacks.
  •    Mobile App

Basically, there are a few key differences you might want to keep in mind:

  • Jungle Scout offers a web-based app so you can keep your data in a secure location on the cloud.
  • ASINspector is available as a mobile app.
  • Even though Jungle Scout provides fewer features, sellers find it more useful.
  • With Jungle Scout you can research your products using the most accurate data available.
  • ASINspector does every search in a new tab. As long you search for a variety of products, you need to do it in separate tabs.

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